Liviu Iliescu

The Paired off Visual Signal
Visual Sense Storming
Binocular Rivalry in Bioptical Art
Images For Visual Psychotherapy

The artists obsessed by their style, whose imminent subconscious emphasizes the role of everlastingness and progress in communication by means of fine art, will find out all about the way to create forms for a different contemplation modality.

Contents (PVS)

1. Introduction
2. Binocular rivalry and stereoscopy in bioptical art
3. Bioptical effects, definitions
4. Bioptical means for psychotherapy
5. Laboratory hall for visual therapy
6. Aspects relative to the applications of plastic arts in psychotherapy
7. Psychodrome
8. About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics
9. About a didactic experiment in bioptical art
10. Space - time - colour
11. Contributions
12. Visual-sense-storming
13. Visual binarity
14. Some additions and resumptions on the bioptical composition
15. Psychical satiety in affectivity

Stereogram (arranged for crossed-eye viewing)

Contributions and publications of the author - Liviu Iliescu - to applications of Binocular Rivalry and Colour Fusion:

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Copyright 2007 "The Paired off Visual Signal" ing. Liviu Iliescu
ISBN 978-973-0-05187-2
Author: dpl. engineer in optical systems - Liviu Iliescu
Address: Bucuresti, Str Copaceni nr.47, bl.W3, Sc.B, ap.68, cod 030395, ROMANIA
All figures and tests are created and drawn by the author.
All reproductions (exepting figures 2.3; 2.4; 3.1; 2.5a; 2.5b; 8.1; 8.5; 8.7; 8.9; 8.10; 8.11 and Stonehenge & Hubble) are due to the author.
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